Davis Gallery’s ‘Of Warp and Weft’

grey rope IV by Caprice Pierucci (author photo)

I dropped by Davis Gallery after work this past Thursday, to check out their current two-person show, Of Warp and Weft. It features Austin-based artists Caprice Pierucci and Charles Heppner.

Pierucci’s flowing wooden sculptures are pretty amazing. The light-colored ones almost look like the bones of some giant fish.

A lady I was chatting with in the gallery remarked that one of Pierucci’s dark brown sculptures reminded her of dripping, melted chocolate, and I could see it immediately. Her sinuous forms thus are like clouds — people will see different things in them.

Pierucci’s works are held in some prominent collections, and she has gallery representation in Austin, Houston, and New Orleans. She’s also a senior lecturer in the School of Art & Design at Texas State University in San Marcos.

without, wanting by Charles Heppner (author photo)

The other artist in this show is photographer Charles Heppner. I really enjoyed his pieces. When I say that he has shot cheesecloth against a black background, that may sound quite ordinary — even dull. But I was mightily impressed by the forms of the twisted white grids on black.

The lack of color, but ramped-up contrast created interesting shadows and play of light remind me of what Edward Weston could do with a bell pepper.

The way these large-format photos are printed and mounted is not something I’ve seen before, either. It’s described as “UV-cured ink-jet print on Dibond.”

Heppner’s work takes on various media. Apparently he started out as a painter, but now works in photography, mixed media constructions, and drawing, as well. After seeing what he does with cheesecloth (!), I am quite interested to see some of his other work.

Of Warp and Weft continues at Davis Gallery through July 21.

Published by Rebecca Johnson

Writer and editor covering arts and culture in Austin, Texas and beyond.

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