‘Surface’ at Women & Their Work

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Surrender (2018), by Meg Aubrey. (Author photos.)

A deceptively simple show of works by Meg Aubrey is on now at Women & Their Work. The show features paintings of women that I recognize. Women in jeans and sunglasses,  women drinking coffee from to-go cups, women carrying iPhones, women driving to wherever they have to get to. This is me, and my friends.

Ottoman #2 (2018), by Meg Aubrey

But look at bit deeper. The images are drenched in opaque hot pinks, aqua blues, apple greens. Is this real life, or a story? It’s a bit of both. It’s a commentary on real life — mine and yours. And the story of our lives, as we present to our “publics,” is a sugar-coated fantasy. Some of us do it on Facebook, but Aubrey puts it on canvas, on a gallery wall to make us think harder. She’s challenging us to see ourselves.

Aubrey is an art professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Her show is up through September 6. I hope you go check it out. Perhaps, like me, you’ll see yourself.

Rear View (2018), by Meg Aubrey


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