‘Holding Patterns’ Diverge at CAMIBAart

McCartney_Option A_cardboard
Option A, 2018, by Edward Lane McCartney. Photos by David D. Bailie, courtesy CAMIBAart Gallery.

Houston-based artist Edward Lane McCartney’s second show at CAMIBAart Gallery is an eclectic mix of a handful of different kinds of art.

My favorite of the bunch are from the series he calls Typecast: These are mixed media creations of designs fashioned from cardboard, folded paper, and other items fit into shapes corralled within a frame. Nearly monochromatic, it’s the play of shapes and textures which provide the interest in these pieces. I marvel at what an artistic mind can do with a simple substance like cardboard.

Another favorite are McCartney’s group he calls the Arabesque Series: These are layered cutouts of different colors stacked within a frame. The stacking creates an intricate, three-dimensional design. It’s basic, but the strength here in is the simplicity. A strong mix of colors and shapes that kind of reminds me of Matisse’s late-life paper cutouts.

Arabesque #17, 2018, by Edward Lane McCartney.

‘Holding Patterns’ also includes a wealth of jewelry and metalworks by McCartney. These include an example of his portrait boxes which he makes each year. My favorite piece in the metalwork display was an unusual, small jewelry box with a lid that reminded me of the onion domes on Russian Orthodox cathedrals.

The show, “Holding Patterns,” is open through this Saturday, October 13.

Image on homepage is Enter, 2018, by Edward Lane McCartney.


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