On the Blog Again …

I’m going to start my art blog up again. Was it Willie Nelson who said “I can’t wait to get on the blog again, sipping free wine at art shows with my friends?”

I’ve been inspired to take a closer look at the art around me on the college campus where I work. There’s a lot of it, and much of it I really like. I’ve not written about it before, thinking that it has already garnered a lot of attention when it was first installed. But really, my purpose here is not only to inform others, but to learn for myself. So I am going to take it on.

I’ll try to feature one piece of art or ClockKnotarchitecture from The University of Texas at Austin campus per week. To start out, I’m picking a metal sculpture that I love, and that is situated quite near to me on campus. My office is in a building across the street.

I’m talking about “Clock Knot,” seen at left. The artist is Mark di Suvero. This 2007 sculpture was purchased by the university in 2013.

Situated in the midst of the quite ugly Brutalist architecture of my end of campus — i.e., the science and engineering buildings — its fire engine-red painted steel reaches 41 feet off the ground, really livening things up around here.

According to the university’s Landmarks website, this was one of the earliest pieces in its Landmarks collection, which now includes sculpture and other types of art placed all over campus.

Seeing this piece cheers me up every day, providing me with more evidence all the time that art can lift our spirits by its mere presence. Not to mention, it reminds me that my employer places some importance on art for the campus, which is also an uplifting thought to hold onto when one gets bogged down in university red tape!


Published by Rebecca Johnson

Writer and editor covering arts and culture in Austin, Texas and beyond.

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